What Is Mass Communication About

Did you choose mass communication as your preferred course and want to know what mass communication is about as an art or skill? This article contains an in-depth guide to the introduction of mass communication.

The choice of a career is very important in the life of an individual. Apart from providing the individual’s daily bread, it determines to a great extent the individual way of life. In the past, children simply take after their parents. This, however, is now unrealistic and unacceptable sine each person is unique in his or her own way. Therefore it has become necessary for each individual to realistically select his or her career.

Mass communication is a course of study in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. it is made up of mainly journalism, advertising and public relations. Generally, mass communication deals with the management of information within and outside the country.

All the profession in mass communication utilizes information available to them for a specific purpose. The journalist is the ones who keep the public abreast of issues and events in the society. Advertisers provide information about products and services available to the public thereby promoting patronage of the product \ services. Public relations, on the other hand, deals with the intention of creating a favorable image for the organization.

Mass communication is offered in many Nigeria university in the faculties of administration and social science.
The entry requirements include the usual minimum of five credit passed in SSCE, the required subjects are English language, literature in English and government. A pass in mathematics is acceptable in some universities while others insist on credit pass. History and economics are also relevant.

Apart from your educational enlightenment on this career, it also requires personal interest, physical ability, socioeconomic status and parental interest if needed. After so many years of working with students especially senior secondary school class one student who usually face the task of selecting subjects and thereby selecting their careers, it has been discovered that many students follow their friends in this Field. Anyone interested in this field must his or her interest in choosing this career. The career must interest you, it is a sheer waste of time for anyone to go into a career that he or she finds uninteresting.
A personal attitude is the person’s disposition of certain things or conditions. The person attitude must be able to accommodate the requirements of this career.

Anyone who wants to study mass communication must also consider the financial requirements of studying the course. This is because some of the training may need high funds. An advantage of this course is that there are many job opportunities in this field if you are well learned in this concept. It will be useless and a big waste of time, resources, and energy to study a course that has no job prospects.

There is a need for the sincerity of purpose, dedication, and determination. vStudenta with natural gifts on any field under this course should try to utilize them even if it is just as a hubby. Nothing good comes easy, it is important to have an aim and the plan to achieve the aim.

Students of mass communication are exposed to all aspects of the various fields of mass communication. This makes it possible for a graduate of mass communication to go into professions like journalism, advertising, and public relations. Job opportunities exist in this fields.
With the advent of private broadcasting stations, the entertainment and information industry is becoming very vibrant and anyone who proves him\her self is assured a place.

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