Campus School Tips For Just Admitted Students

I know what is expected of students who just got admitted into a tertiary Institution. Questions like, when is school resuming, should we start coming to school, when is clearance resuming, should we start paying for school and hostel fees and so on, they are still right questions.

First of all, big congratulations to aspirants of different universities, Polytechnic, and Colleges, for having made it and congratulations in advance to those yet to be admitted. it is not easy, so do not feel you are better than those who couldn’t make it or will not make it, rather; give God all the praises because its not as if you read or prepared more than they did, its not as if you did more expenses or took more risks than they did, you all read, prepared, did equal expenses and took same risks but God has favoured you and said this is your time.
Those who haven’t made it, do not lose hope yet and even if you end up not making it in any of the supplementary lists, do not give up because what will be, will surely be and everything happens for a reason. Your own time must come.

This article is mainly for the admitted and yet to be admitted candidates.
I want you to understand that gaining admission into university is not the time for you to start planning to exhibit all those your bad potentials you are not allowed to exhibit at home, wearing sexy and seductive clothes which you are not allowed to wear at home (girls), carrying irresponsible hair styles which you are not allowed to carry at home (Guys), its not the time for you to start making plans on how to visit those men/guys you have been longing to visit or the time to start inviting girls to come visit you, its not the time to start going for party, its not the time to lose your virginity, its not the time to start dating afteral you have entered school, its not the time to feel “belonged” or start being arrogant, naughty, etc.

Gaining admission into university is the time to feel “FOCUSED”, its the time to feel “CHALLANGED”, its the time to feel “AT RISK”, its the time to feel “RESPONSIBLE”, its the time to be “CAREFUL”, humble and know that 80% of the decisions about your destiny now lies in your hands and any wrong decision you make at this stage will definitely reflect on your academics/future tomorrow.

For you to be that great person you have always wished or desired. You need to start right now as a fresher, for you to make your first class, second class upper/lower, third class, etc all start as a fresher, for you to graduate or not graduate with your mates starts as a fresher.
A lot of good and bad things are waiting for you inside that campus. Some will tell you that you need to belong to a cult to make it, they will tell you that the former head of state, Governor, senator were all there because they were cultists. What about millions who died in the process?

Some will tell you that you need to become “GAY” (a lesbian or a homo-sexualist) to avoid distraction, diseases, and unwanted pregnancy, what about the curses that are attatched to it?

Some will tell you that you need a company and someone to date or always be with to know whats up around the school or to get academic aid or to avoid being lonely. They are all lies. There are harmless friends, there are fellowships, there are reading groups,there are good clubs to be your company, academic aid and so on.

University is a dangerous place because your parents are not there to direct you or make decisions for you, your room-mates or your school friends cant do that for you..they have not even finished deciding rightly for themselves let alone deciding for you. All the decisions are for you to make. Nobody wil ask you to read, nobody will ask you to come to class on time, nobody will force you to do your assisgnment or quiz. If you are not a decisive type, kindly start learning it now or betterstil; do not come to university to destroy your future or life.

University is a very sweet place and also a very ugly place, it can shape you into a great person, it can also reshape or destroy you. I have tried to provide you with info on how to enter university, I won’t tell you how you will live your life there.
Be Careful and be wise.

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