Obasanjo Presidential Library Abeokuta, Address & Pictures

Where is Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL)? See Obasanjo Presidential library address now Where is Olusegun Obasanjo presidential library address? This is the question I’ll be answering in this article. What do you think I’m writing this article for? Well, SCHOLARSHIP WORLD a scholarship initiative is organizing an event and would be awaiting over 2,000 people. … Continue reading “Obasanjo Presidential Library Abeokuta, Address & Pictures”

How to Build Best Customer Relationships with Email Marketing

Lots of people long to use email marketing to construct their businesses, but they haven’t any clue how to begin doing it. There are numerous methods that email marketing can be used to your benefit, both boosting your business and staying in touch with your clients. These thoughts can help you fulfil your goals by … Continue reading “How to Build Best Customer Relationships with Email Marketing”

List Of Lucrative Online Business In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country where everyone is trying to survive and thus have one or multiple businesses doing. Business ideas in Nigeria and lucrative online business in Nigeria will remain undisclosed since most investors are selfish all in the name of making money, as they don’t want to have a single rival(s) or smell the … Continue reading “List Of Lucrative Online Business In Nigeria”

How to Choose Health Insurance Plans For College Students

Want to choose a medical insurance coverage? Why not take a look at our guide to choosing health insurance plans for college students; College students may find it new and hard for the first time in choosing a medical health insurance plans for themselves. Our guide will not let the complexity of health insurance deter … Continue reading “How to Choose Health Insurance Plans For College Students”

These Are Functions of The Public Relations Officer

Want to know more about the roles of public relations officer in an organization? Find out the functions of a Public Relations Officer in this article; According to targetjob.co.uk, Public relations (PR) is all about managing reputation of an organization. A career in PR involves gaining understanding and support for your clients, as well as … Continue reading “These Are Functions of The Public Relations Officer”

How to Prepare For Post UTME Exams

Is your University of choice doing Post Utme and not screening? And you don’t know how to prepare for Post Utme exams. Worry no more, since how to prepare for Post UTME examinations will be shared on this page. For you to be admitted into any Federal University in Nigeria or Polytechnic – All tertiary … Continue reading “How to Prepare For Post UTME Exams”

What Is Mass Communication About

Did you choose mass communication as your preferred course and want to know what mass communication is about as an art or skill? This article contains an in-depth guide to the introduction of mass communication. The choice of a career is very important in the life of an individual. Apart from providing the individual’s daily … Continue reading “What Is Mass Communication About”

What is Affiliate Marketing and How can you make Money from it

In this article, will you learn how to make money from affiliate marketing. Learn how to earn from affiliate marketing as a beginner and know how it works. Affiliate marketing is a hybrid promotion and referral channel where third parties encourage another business’s service or product and get a commission for any sales generated. Affiliates … Continue reading “What is Affiliate Marketing and How can you make Money from it”

How To Enter The Secondary School Of Your Choice

You are in your eighth grade and all the other students are trying to enter a good secondary school. However, all the schools you have in mind are extremely competitive. If you are wondering how to enter one of these schools, you can find the answer in this article that will cover what the admissions … Continue reading “How To Enter The Secondary School Of Your Choice”

Six Basic Steps To Apply For University

Key tips for students to successfully transition through the process of selection and application for admission to the university. Preparation, thoroughness, and research are key factors for those students who want to know what the options available to get a university education are. Here we give you all the tools to make it a success. … Continue reading “Six Basic Steps To Apply For University”

5 Tips to Excel as an Undergraduate Student in Nigeria

Follow The Tips Below to Excel as an Undergraduate Student in any Nigerian University. 1. Study: Success is achieved through hard and smart work. Anyone aspiring to succeed academically must be ready to do the job of studying. It goes beyond what is expected of every other student, go out of your way to make … Continue reading “5 Tips to Excel as an Undergraduate Student in Nigeria”

Tips To Pass College English Writing Exam

This content contains how to pass an English essay exam as well as English examination preparation tips. It may seem impossible to pass the English language if you have struggled with the subject. Moreover, there are some strategies that will possibly help. To pass your English paper, you will need to incorporate some good habits … Continue reading “Tips To Pass College English Writing Exam”

How To Pass Exams With Good Grades

How To Get Good Grades In High School In most cases, examination periods are unenthusiastic periods to some students and demands total commitment and study. foremostly, studying is the process and effort made to acquire knowledge as a student. it’s more like a business and should be approached in a business-like manner. it requires focus, … Continue reading “How To Pass Exams With Good Grades”

JAMB Subject Combinations For All Courses 2018

Admissionlist.com.ng is glad to share with you today, a comprehensive list of courses offered in Nigerian universities. This list is not just a list outlined by a secondary school leaver but also a list that has been approved by the JAMB board of trustee. This comprehensive list contains a full list of jamb subject combinations … Continue reading “JAMB Subject Combinations For All Courses 2018”

List Of Social Science Subjects

This article contains a unique list of social science subjects and is meant for candidates who which to participate in JAMB examination, WAEC, GCE, JAMB UTME, Direct Entry. According to an online journal, Wikipedia – Social science is a major category of academic disciplines, concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within a society. … Continue reading “List Of Social Science Subjects”

Top 10 Best Universities In Nigeria

As the number of candidates who want to gain admission into a Federal or State University increases, there is no doubt that all the universities in Nigeria will compete with each other for the best candidates to offer them admission into their different programmes. During this fast and busy time for JAMB registration, students might … Continue reading “Top 10 Best Universities In Nigeria”

How To Check Neco Result On Mobile Phone

Following a series of meeting by the NECO board, the committee have decided to disclose NECO result 2017 release date as this will clear the mind of students who are searching for the keywords, is neco result 2017 out and how to check neco result without exam number. You can’t check your neco result without … Continue reading “How To Check Neco Result On Mobile Phone”

How To Pass JAMB Without Cheating

Do you get anxious about how to pass jamb without cheating? Or do you always have poor performance in JAMB? Consciously follow these guidelines and you’ll pass JAMB successfully which I’m assured, will be good for you without cheating. If you have ever been in a computer tutorial, by learning how to pass any typing … Continue reading “How To Pass JAMB Without Cheating”

How To Check BVN For GTBank

How To Check BVN For GTBank And All Other Banks Have you always wanted to link up your bank BVN number to your other bank account? But don’t know how to go about it. Don’t worry since we’ve got you covered in our in-depth article which will tutor you and tell you all you need … Continue reading “How To Check BVN For GTBank”

How To Pass Mathematics In WAEC Successfully.

How To Pass WAEC Mathematics Exams Mathematics is an important subject which a candidate must pass in any examination. Even if you have a higher grade in other subject but fail mathematics your result will be rendered useless. Most students find it difficult to pass WAEC mathematics successfully on their own. They focus mainly on … Continue reading “How To Pass Mathematics In WAEC Successfully.”