Cheapest Universities in New Zealand 2018

Interested students who wants to study in New Zealand but don’t know which University they can afford? Lean more about the Cheapest University in New Zealand for International Students today.

There can be no iota of doubt that New Zealand isn’t a good country for International students to study. New Zealand have an authority profile in the world, with an awesome educational system which has contributed to the growth of their educational system, thereby allowing International students to always choose their Universities as the number #1 most preferred place to study abroad.

Do you want to know more about cheap universities in New Zealand? Relax as it’s what you’ll see below.

Cheap Universities in New Zealand

University of Canterbury
University of Canterbury cheapest university in New Zealand

1. The University of Canterbury
The University of Canterbury (a public university) is one of the cheapest university in New Zealand for international students. According to Wikipedia, It was established in 1873. The University is located in Christchurch, New Zealand. It offers a large number of courses at affordable rates for international students. University of Canterbury has a wide range of scholarships for undergraduates as well as students who are admitted on scholarship.

Courses Offered in the University of Canterbury:

– Medicine courses
– Engineering courses
– Natural sciences
– Humanities
– Business Administration

Massey University New Zealand
Massey University cheapest university in New Zealand

2. Massey University
Massey University is one of those universities in New Zealand that has ranked itself as one of the cheapest universities. Massey University was established in 1927 as a public university. Massey University is the largest university in New Zealand. It is offering a large number of scholarships for international students coming from all over other countries such as Nigeria, Europe, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Spain, London e.t.c

Courses Offered in Massey University

– Engineering
– Medicine
– Social sciences
– Business courses

3. Lincoln University, New Zealand:
The campus of Lincoln University in New Zealand is located in Lincoln. According to wiki, It was established in 1878 as an independent public university. It is one of the cheapest universities in New Zealand for international students. Scholarships are being offered by this school to International students who have high grades in their academics. They offer low tuition fees in exchange for awesome academic performances.

Courses Offered in Lincoln University, New Zealand

– Engineering
– Medical courses
– Natural sciences
– Business courses
– Social sciences

4. Laidlaw College:
One of the cheapest universities in New Zealand for international students is called Laidlaw College. Laidlaw College was established in 1922 as a public college. This university is famous for its biblical, pastoral and different historical courses. Laidlaw College is located in Henderson, New Zealand. The College is offering affordable courses for international students coming here from all over the world.

Courses Offered at Laid law collge:

– Bible studies
– History
– Management
– Theological studies
– Pastoral studies

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