How to check WAEC results

Want to know how to check WAEC results? then this article is for you.

The 2021/2022 West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination is currently in progress. Students will be finishing the exams by the end of next month. After the Exams, the results of the student’s performance will be released. You can easily check the results as soon as they are out. They are different ways in which you can check your WAEC results. In this article, I am going to be giving you a guide on how to check WAEC results.

WAEC results can be checked using different ways including through SMS text. Alternatively, you can check your WAEC results via the WAEC’s official result checker portal. Continue reading to get all the details you need to know about checking your WAEC result.

Firstly, you will need to purchase a scratch card for you to be able to check your WAEC results. This scratch card is also known as WAEC result checker. The card contains useful information such as the scratch card pin and the serial number. These are what you will need to check your results on WAEC’s portal.

You can buy the scratch card directly from WAEC’s office or branch close to you. Alternatively, there are other accredited sites that are permitted to sell the scratch card online. I am going to give you a guide on how to buy a scratch card online. Follow the instructions below to buy a WAEC scratch card:

How to buy WAEC scratch cards online

  • Visit E-pinMall, create an account and log in.
  • Choose the ‘Buy WAEC scratch card’ option
  • Choose a preferred payment medium for the transaction.

NOTE: You can make payment through bank transfer or online payment using your card details. Select the payment method that is more comfortable for you.

  • Confirm the payment transaction and proceed
  • After doing this, you will receive your pin through a text message with the registered phone number.

I believe you now know how to purchase the WAEC scratch card online. Alternatively, you check for other sites that sell WAEC scratch cards online. An example of one of these sites is cyber teller.

NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with any of these sites. If you need more information on purchasing a WAEC scratch card or WAEC result checker, then visit their official website at

After purchasing the scratch card, you can now proceed to check your WAEC result. They are many ways you can check your WAEC results. In this article, I am going to show you 2 ways you can check your WAEC results.

You can check your WAEC results via text and also through WAEC’s official result checker portal.

How to check WAEC result online

To check your WAEC result online, follow the instructions highlighted below:

  • Visit WAEC’s result checker portal at
  • Enter your WAEC examination number in the space provided.
  • Select your examination year ( in this case 2021)
  • Choose the correct examination type ( i.e. School candidate result)
  • This is where the scratch card comes in. You will be asked to enter the scratch card serial number. Type in the correct serial number in the space provided.
  • Enter your scratch card PIN.
  • Finally, click on the button that reads ‘Submit’

NOTE; you cannot use one particular scratch card to check the result of more than one candidate.

How to check WAEC results via SMS code (offline)

Alternatively, you can check your WAEC result using any kind of phone. It does not have to be a smartphone that can browse the internet. All you need to do is send an SMS pattern to a code. Follow the instructions below to check your result via SMS.

Send a message with the pattern below:


Send the above message to this code; 32327 (This is only possible for MTN, Airtel, and Glo customers)

Here is an example:


Note: Your Examination number is usually a 10-digit number while your Scratch card pin is a 12-digit number.


Some Frequently Asked questions

 When is a WAEC exam ending?

The 2021/2022 WAEC examination is currently ongoing. The exams started on the 16th of August 2021. It will finish on the 30th of September 2021.

When is WAEC result coming out?

Like I said earlier, the 2021/2022 WAEC examination finishes on the 30th of September 2021. However, the result will be out from 45 days after the examinations. This means WAEC results for 2021 May/June candidates will be out before the end of the year.

How much is WAEC scratch card?

WAEC scratch card is available at any of WAEC’s offices across the country. The scratch card costs around N900 naira only. You can as well purchase the scratch card online. However, this will attract more costs.

How many times can I use the WAEC scratch card?

You are only allowed to use the WAEC scratch card 5 times to check your results. After the fifth time, the scratch card becomes expired and invalid.


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