8 Financial Management Tips For Students On Campus

Life on campus can be hard at times and it can lead to being influenced by bad people who will affect your life negatively.
If you’re not careful being a student at the campus, what you’re thinking now might happen to you.
Student’s in the higher institution are always on low key, which implies that they are broke and cashless.
One could wonder what campus students generally use money for. At the slightest moment a little or big sum of money finds its way into the wallet or purse of college students, there is no doubt that 98% will spend more than half of the money on miscellaneous such as drinking, video games, betting (Virtual & Dog Racing – Aja Sare’), giving out money to girls and much more others.

A student who is not living with his or her parents or guidance while in school is not easy at all especially when one is a spendthrift, i.e you spend lavishly. I bet you $50 your account will be on minus and you’ll have a lot of debts on you.

Today in our exclusive article, we will be sharing with you, money management tips to keep you flying as a student while on campus.

LEARN HOW TO BUDGET: Writing and sorting out a list of all the things you need is a very smart way to manage your time towards spending money. Find a spare time that you think might help you think about what you need exactly at the moment. After sorting out the list, rule out what you think is not important and go with the ones who are necessary.

OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT: Opening a bank account is a very smart way to keep yourself away from spending lavishly. Saving all your pennies to the bank pays best as it has been proved to help manage resources – money. You will not want your account to be empty I guessed.

As a teen, you should know how to cook. Right from when you were a kid, there is no doubt that you wouldn’t have helped your mum in the kitchen. Now you’re a campus student, you can’t run away; it’s imperative for you to know how to cook because you would not want to waste your money to buy foods in restaurants which are usually expensive but well packaged.
Learning to cook will keep far away from joints and eateries. This is one of the best ways we recommend to save your money as a student.

BUY IN BULK: If you go to the market to buy single things like drink and bread at a time, you will regret ever doing that as it will cost you more money to going to the market to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk quantities in the market also give you a bonus which is a discount. Discount is what campus students need to live a full and comfortable life on campus.

All business ventures around your school locality give discounts to bonafide students on presentation of their ID cards. So it’s advisable you take your card along everywhere you go just like MTN motto. Please, you should keep the card safe with you. It should be well kept.

BUY SECOND-HAND CLOTHES: Don’t be mad at what I just said. Yes! Looking at it with a good perspective, you should consider buying second-hand products. As they are cheaper and most time original. It is frugal and they are considered fashionable by campus students.

SELL YOUR HOBBY: Do you have a skill like writing, sell it by writing for students who will pay you to write or you can check out 5 Powerful Websites That Pay You To Write. You’ve got a talent and you can use it well, sell it by performing at your friend’s parties. Run errands for some people who will pay you and walk with like-minded people who will connect you with people who want to hire you.

GET SKILLFUL FRIENDS: All the people in this world are talented. Your friends are not left out. You could gain from them by helping them out and they can help you out too. Move with friends who are good at cutting hair, skilled in braiding and some others. Complement them and you’ll get them to do things for you at a lower fee or it could be for free.

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