Free 2023/2024 WAEC GCE Second Series Literature In English Runz Prose/Obj

Free 2023/2024 WAEC GCE Second Series Literature In English Runz Prose/Obj

Free 2023/2024 WAEC GCE Second Series Literature In English Runz Prose/Obj

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on excelling in the Correct Free 2023/2024 WAEC GCE Second Series Literature In English Runz Prose/Obj. As experts in the field, we are committed to providing you with invaluable insights and strategies to help you achieve remarkable success in this exam. With a focus on the prose and objective sections, we present the ultimate guide to outperforming your peers and achieving your academic goals. Which will commence;


Tuesday, 28th  November, 2023

Literature-In-English 2(Prose)

Literature-In-English 1 (Objective)

  9:30am     –   10:45am

10:45am     –   11:45am

Understanding the WAEC GCE Second Series Literature In English

The WAEC GCE Second Series Literature In English is an essential examination that assesses students’ understanding of literary works and critical analysis. This exam encompasses various components, including prose and objective sections, which require a comprehensive understanding of the prescribed texts and literary concepts.

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Unraveling the Prose Section

Analyzing the Prescribed Prose

In this section, a deep comprehension of the prescribed prose is crucial. The ability to dissect the themes, characters, plot, and literary devices used by the author is essential. We delve into the specifics of the recommended prose and offer insightful analyses to equip you with the knowledge required to excel.

Crafting a Stellar Response

When responding to prose-related questions, clarity and conciseness are paramount. Each answer should be structured logically, starting with a strong introduction that outlines the central theme and purpose of the excerpt. Utilize relevant quotes and examples from the text to support your points, showcasing your understanding of the material. Incorporating literary terms appropriately enhances the depth of your response.

Excelling in the Objective Section

Mastering Literary Concepts

The objective section evaluates your grasp of literary terms, styles, and techniques. To excel, familiarize yourself with various concepts such as simile, metaphor, irony, foreshadowing, and symbolism. Be prepared to identify and explain these elements within given passages. Consistent practice will sharpen your ability to quickly recognize and interpret literary devices.

Test-Taking Strategies

Approaching the objective section strategically can significantly impact your performance. Start by reading the questions carefully and understanding what is being asked. Scan the passage for relevant information while considering the context. Eliminate obviously incorrect options and choose the most fitting answer. Time management is key—allocate appropriate time to each question to ensure you complete the section within the allocated time frame.

Proven Study Techniques

Establishing a Study Schedule

Creating a well-structured study schedule helps you allocate sufficient time to each literary work and section. Set achievable goals for each study session, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the prescribed texts. Regular, focused study sessions are more effective than last-minute cramming.

Annotating Texts

Annotating texts as you read enhances your understanding and retention of key information. Underline or highlight important passages, jot down your thoughts, and connect themes and ideas across the text. These annotations serve as valuable resources when revisiting the material.

Practicing with Past Questions

Past questions provide insight into the exam’s format and the types of questions posed. Engage in timed practice sessions to simulate exam conditions. Evaluate your responses critically and identify areas for improvement. This approach familiarizes you with the exam’s structure and builds your confidence.


As you embark on your journey to conquer the Free 2023/2024 WAEC GCE Second Series Literature In English Runz Prose/Obj, remember that success is attainable through dedication, strategic preparation, and a deep understanding of the prescribed texts. Armed with the insights and strategies provided in this guide, you are well-equipped to excel in both the prose and objective sections of the exam.

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