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It is always a huge disappointment when you discover that you failed your WAEC examination. Candidates are very desperate to fix this issue and might end up getting scammed. They are a lot of people on the internet that would promise to help you upgrade your WAEC results. Do not fall for their antics and get scammed. They are mostly into illegal practices that will get you punished. However, you can get to upgrade your WAEC result the legal way. Do you want to know how to change WAEC results? Then continue reading this article.

The first way you can change your WAEC result is this:

Apply to cross-check your WAEC results

If you are confident that you passed your WAEC exams but you were graded wrongly, then there is a solution. You can apply for your WASSCE results to be checked by the organizing body. This usually attracts a certain amount of money.

You can also cross-check your Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). For WAEC private candidates (WASSCE Nov/Dec), cross-checking your results is also very possible.


The second way to change WAEC results is this:

Apply to remark any of your WAEC papers

Human error is inevitable and all the invigilators who are making the scripts are not perfect. Mistakes could happen but if you are sure of what you have written, then you can apply for a remark.

For example, if you have a C5 in one of your WAEC papers and you are sure that you deserve more. Apply to WAEC for a remarking of your paper. If your paper is remarked and then you get a B2 then that is fine.

Remarking your WAEC papers will come with a fee but it could be worth the price if you get a better result at the end of the day. However, this could go either way. This means you have to play with caution before applying to get your papers remarked.

Apply for remarking or cross-checking your results. Effects of ordering for remarking or cross-checking are:

  1. WAEC will refund your money if after the process and it was clear that you have done better than before.
  2. Your money will not be refunded if your results were correctly marked in the initial marking.

The third way to change WAEC results is this:


Resit for the next West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE)

This is the most common and less risky way to change your WAEC result. This does not require you to pay a fee for remarking or cross-checking. You only have to make a good preparation routine if you want to resit for your WAEC exams.

It is advisable to register for the external (WASSCE NOV/DEC) because it is a private examination. However, it is also fine if you want to resit for the WASSCE MAY/JUNE examination in a secondary school.

To enhance your preparation, you can register for remedial classes or extra lessons to avoid another failure.

Do not listen to people who are trying to lure you into changing your WAEC results illegally. If you are caught trying to change WAEC results through illegal practices, you will be prosecuted.

Always try to read WAEC’s guidelines and procedures for candidates. You can also get more useful information through WAEC’s official website at

Some Frequently Asked questions   

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about WAEC

Can I change the name on my WAEC result?

The answer is yes. You can change the name on your WAEC result. To do this, you will have to apply for an affidavit in a high court. Your name will be changed in the original WAEC certificate after you provide an affidavit. However, if you want to change your name because of marriage (females), you must provide a marriage certificate.

They are some requirements that you must provide to change the name on your WAEC certificate. They include:

  • An Affidavit from a high court in Nigeria.
  • Your Birth certificate. This certificate has to show your name clearly.
  • The sum of N10, 000. This fee is known as the administrative fee.
  • An application letter. In this letter, you will write about the purpose of your application
  • The WAEC original result or certificate you want to correct

Can I change the date of birth on my WAEC result?

Your WAEC original result or certificate usually carries your date of birth. However, WAEC management stopped no longer permits changing your date of birth any longer. This has been the case since November 2019.

For more useful information, visit WAEC’s official website at You can also head to any WAEC branch close to you for more details.

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