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The 2021/2022 NECO Exams are coming to an end. In the next few weeks, candidates who wrote the exams would be expecting the release of the results. In today’s post, I am going to be giving you a guide on how to check NECO results online. 

You can check NECO results online with the use of a scratch card. However, there is another way you can check NECO results without a scratch card. This can be done by purchasing a token.

Although the 2021/2022 NECO results are not yet out, it is expected to be released soon. It takes around six weeks for the NECO results to be released to the public. This means that those who sat for the 2021/2022 NECO Exams should expect to see their results in September.

The steps for checking your NECO result are very short and easy to follow. Below is a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to check your NECO results.


How to check your NECO results using a Scratch card.

  • To check your NECO result, the most important thing to do is to purchase a scratch card. This scratch card is tailored to be valid only for a particular exam year. So, you have to buy a scratch card for the 2021/2022 NECO Examinations. When you purchase the scratch card, gently scratch out the materials on the PIN. You will need your serial number and the pin on the scratch card to check your NECO results.
  • The next step to take after purchasing the scratch card is to visit NECO‘s official website. Go to Result Checker to visit their result portal here. ‘Neco result portal’.
  • When you visit the result portal, you will be shown a column to select Exam type. The Exam type you are to choose is JUNE /JULY.
  • The next column is for a space to fill in your PIN; this is where your scratch card becomes relevant. Enter the PIN that is on the scratch card.
  • Enter your Examination number in the last column. Make sure to check the number carefully to confirm that the Exam number is correct.
  • The final step is to click on the button that reads ‘Check my result’

The above guideline is a detailed procedure that you should follow to check your NECO results. 

In summary, this is how to check your NECO results:

  1. Visit the NECO result checker portal here. NECO result checker
  2. Choose the Exam type. In this case, select JUNE/JULY
  3. Select the right Exam year. i.e 2021
  4. Enter your PIN. This is the pin gotten from the NECO scratch card
  5. Enter your Examination number.
  6. Finally, click on the ‘check my result’ button


Check NECO result Using Token Number

Alternatively, you can check your NECO results by purchasing a Token number. A token number is used just like the scratch card. It is used to check NECO results. You can purchase a token number on NECO’s official website. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to purchase the NECO token.

  • Visit NECO’s result page and click on purchase Token.
  • Enter your login details. 
  • Choose the number of Tokens you want to purchase and then proceed to pay.
  • Select your preferred payment method and click on submit.

Your token is going to display on your dashboard when the payment is confirmed. To view the tokens, click on the Go to Tokens.

To check your NECO result with the tokens, follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the NECO result page here
  • Select the Exam year; in this case, it is 2021.
  • Select your Exam type. i.e June/July for NECO candidates and Nov/Dec for GCE candidates.
  • Enter your token number in the column provided.
  • Enter your Registration number 
  • To access your result, click on the ‘check my result’ button.

The above guidelines are detailed procedures on how to check your NECO results online.  


For NECO GCE candidates, you can also follow the guidelines above. However, when filling the column for Exam type, NECO GCE students are to select the Nov/Dec option.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below are frequently asked questions about NECO:

How many times can I use the NECO scratch card?

Answer: You can only use your NECO scratch card PIN 5 times to check your result. After the fifth time, the PIN expires and you will need to buy a new one.

How many times can I use NECO tokens?

Just like the NECO scratch card, you can only use the token number five times to check your results online.

How much can I buy a NECO scratch card online?

Answer: NECO scratch card online costs about N700 from online vendors. To get the scratch card at a cheaper rate, visit any NECO office near you.


I believe that this article has helped you know how to check NECO results online. If you find this post helpful, kindly share it with your friends. Feel free to share this post with social media groups associated with NECO candidates.

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