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The 2021/2022 NECO examinations concluded on the 16th of August 2021.  Students who participated in the Exams would probably be anticipating the commencement of this year’s WAEC Examination. However, a lot of candidates will also be willing to know how to collect NECO certificates.

NECO certificate refers to the original copy of the NECO results. This is usually issued by the secondary where you completed the NECO exams.

Today’s post is going to be focusing on how to collect NECO certificate. This guide will also cover the collection of certificates for NECO GCE candidates.

Here is a guide on how to collect NECO certificate:

How to collect NECO certificate

The NECO certificate (original results) will be available for collection when NECO makes an official announcement. Students who sat for the exams are to meet with their school principal for the collection of the original results. However, this might attract a little charge or fee. Some schools include the payments to the candidate’s school fees.

NOTE: The NECO certificate is the same as the original results. You should not mistake this for the result print-out or result slip. The certificate can only be received from the school you sat for the examination.

On the other hand, candidates who sat for the NECO GCE exams would follow a different procedure.

The NECO GCE original results are available only at NECO offices. To collect the results, they are some documents that you need to provide.

Below are the requirements for collecting your NECO GCE certificate:

  • A passport photograph
  • NECO online result printout
  • NECO photo card
  • An ID card
  • An affidavit

After providing the above requirements, you will be asked to pay the sum of N1, 100 only.

Here is a breakdown of the fee:

The printing of NECO GCE original result slip – N1,000

The payment for the issuance of the certificate – N100

I will give you a detailed guide on how to complete the above payment.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the payments:

How to make payments

  • Firstly, Go to NECO result portal page. Click here to visit the result portal page.
  • Secondly, choose the payment category or item you want to make payments for. In this case, it is SSCE
  • Thirdly, get a payment item code. This is used to make payments that Are related to NECO. Visit the official website here to get the payment item code.
  • Proceed to make payment. However, note that payments cannot be refunded. This means you should make sure the payment details are correct.
  • There is a form on the right side of the screen, fill the form and make payments.
  • Choose your payment method. You can choose between making payment through a Bank or via your debit card.
  • Click on the button that reads ‘confirms to proceed with the payment.
  • After making the payment, print out the receipt.

after following the above instructions, take the receipt along with you to collect your NECO GCE certificate.

NOTE; The receipt will be your only evidence of payment. You will be asked to provide the receipt at the NECO office.


Some frequently Asked About NECO

Can I get my NECO result from the NECO office?

Yes, you can. For those who can not reach back to the secondary school you sat for the exams, you can as well visit NECO’s office to collect your result slip or certificate.

Does my date of birth appear on my NECO result?

The answer is No. However, your date of birth only appears on your NECO certificate or original result.

Do NECO results expire?

Your NECO results do not expire. It is valid forever.

Can I change my NECO name?

A lot of people often ask this question. This is because most of them made a mistake in their name arrangement or spellings. People are also interested in this question because they want to add a new name. For those who want to know, the answer is Yes. You can change your name. However, you will need the following documents to do this:

  • You will need your Birth Certificate (Original Copy)
  • The Original copy of your NECO Result or Certificate (Which contains the error in names)
  • An Affidavit (From a court with respect to the correction of the name)
  • Payment Receipt of the Sum of N2,500 amount for Names Correction.


Is NECO result accepted internationally?

NECO results are accepted internationally. However, you will be required to pass proficiency such as GER, ILETS, and others.

Can I combine my results to study abroad?

It is possible to combine NECO and WAEC results in Nigeria. However, this is not possible abroad. Although WAEC is accepted internationally, a combination is not.

Contact NECO

For more information, contact NECO via their official website at


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