How To Enter The Secondary School Of Your Choice

You are in your eighth grade and all the other students are trying to enter a good secondary school. However, all the schools you have in mind are extremely competitive. If you are wondering how to enter one of these schools, you can find the answer in this article that will cover what the admissions officers look for in a student and how you can use this information in your favor to enter.

You must apply to at least two schools, three would be the best. There will be a greater chance that you will be accepted into a school if you have more choices of schools. However, you must not apply to more than four schools, since the application has a cost and you have to present yourself to an interview before all the schools that apply.

Go ahead! You must start preparing from the fifth grade and not from the eighth grade. You must have high grades and participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible. Instead, starting to apply in eighth grade will make it look like you’re just trying to impress the high schools you apply to.

The qualifications! High schools review your seventh grade and first quarter of eighth grade report card. Therefore, having high grades is a good idea! Try to get 20% and more. In the same way, show the schools to which you apply your other skills, if you have them.
Tests! The results of your Iowa Basic Skills Test (ITBS) are sent to the schools you apply to, so be sure to take a good test. Similarly, most high schools require you to take an entrance exam. On the other hand, high schools that are Catholic generally use a High School Proficiency Test (HSPT).

secondary school admission requirements

Likewise, the other private schools use the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE, for its acronym in English). In addition, foreign schools use the High School Admission Test (SSAT) and in the case of specialized schools in New York, the Admission Test for Specialized High Schools (SHSAT) is used. Acronym in English). You must register to take one of these exams at your favorite school to show you that it is the first on your list. However, if this is not possible, you can take the necessary exam at another location and have it sent.

You should be well prepared to take one of these exams because you want to do very well. As much as possible, get an assessment in an academic tutoring agency three months before the exam. This will give you time to learn all the vocabulary you could find in the exam and learn some tricks for the math and text comprehension section. You could have a private tutor who contemplates your academic needs in the study sessions or go to a tutoring agency.

If you do not want to receive tutoring, buy a prep book that will teach you the necessary tricks and that usually includes a practice test in the back of the book. Try giving at least one practice test as if it were the actual test you will take before doing it.
Improve your curriculum! Try to participate in the activities that you like at school. You can participate for example in sports, choir, church service, martial arts, academic decathlon, chess matches, dance and student council or play a musical instrument. All of these activities will look good before the high schools you apply to. However, make sure that you like the activity in which you participate and that you do not do it just to enter any of the secondary schools. Do not participate in many of these activities or it will harm your qualifications.

The recommendations of the teachers! Your teachers have your destiny in their hands. Teachers will not lie on your recommendation if you are a student who talks a lot and never does homework! Therefore, as indicated above, it is better to get ahead in the academic part from previous grades. Do all your homework from sixth grade, do not speak in classes and if you have any problems, go to talk to the teacher after school. Try to make friends with your teachers. If your teacher likes you, this will be reflected in the incredible recommendation he will give you!

The interview! This is a very important part of the admission process. It will be an excellent opportunity for the high school you want to enter to see who you are as a person and if you are the right student for that school. To do this, you must have a complete curriculum, incredible grades, a great result on standardized tests and recommendations with praise from teachers.

If you greet the interviewer with a handshake, make eye contact with the interviewer. Try to include the extracurricular activities you do when the interviewer asks you questions. The hardest thing is not to sound like a braggart. Remember to be always sincere.
The interviewer will notice if you are pretending! On the other hand, you lie if you ask that the school you present to is your first choice! Schools almost never accept students who say that school is only their second choice!

Therefore, you have to tell him that it is your first choice if you want to enter! Try to show how unique you are and what you could bring to the student community. Be very polite, no casual clothes and do not get too nervous. Remember that, even though the interview is important, it only amounts to a fraction of the evaluation.

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