How To Pass Exams With Good Grades

How To Get Good Grades In High School

In most cases, examination periods are unenthusiastic periods to some students and demands total commitment and study.
foremostly, studying is the process and effort made to acquire knowledge as a student. it’s more like a business and should be approached in a business-like manner. it requires focus, full concentration, maximum attention, and energy. studying is best observed by paying attention to all details while utilizing all the sense in the process. The importance of studying as a student cannot be overemphasized, your adhesion to these few tips on how to study for examination will undermine failure.

How To Get Better Grades In College

how to get good grades in high school
how to get good grades in high school

5 Tips To Get Good Grades In Examination.
It is paramount that you have an objective or reasons why you want to embark on studying. It may be to revise class works for that day or for examination purpose. set a goal you want to achieve at the end of your study period and see if you have met up with these goals as estimated.
However, this should be a habit and if possible get addicted to it because there’s no boundary set for studying.


Every student will immensely gain and benefit from having a personal timetable for study. This will enable him\her to easily pay attention to other subjects, rather than focusing on the most favorite subject only.
When planning a personal study time one should take note of the following:
* Allocate time equally to all subject.
* Set time aside for assignment.
* Study your difficult subject at the beginning of your study period.
* Alternate related subjects e.g mathematics, physics, chemistry should not be taken consecutively; it should be better to replace physics with Yoruba language or English language.
* Strictly adhere to your study timetable.

A place you choose to study is very vital and should be well considered. It should be lit, well ventilated and have good table and chair. There should be no sort of vehicular or human traffic as well as electronic distractions such as radio and television sets.
In addition to this, you shouldn’t face the window or door while studying. A bed is a place for sleep and not a good place for study. Hence, you shouldn’t study in the bedroom, the library is an ideal place to study.
Also, you can do your self-good by deciding if the music is right for you. It isn’t queer that some people find it easy listening to music and still maintain maximum concentration to what they study. In contrast, most people easily get distracted when they listen to music. Hence, you should know the category you fall in and make a decision.

Each person may develop his or her method of studying but generally, the SQ3R’s is highly recommended. SQ3R’s stand for ‘survey questions, read, recite, and review’. It is applied this way: first, make a survey of what you want to study, then raise some questions. Then read your materials-notes, textbooks. recite or recall what you’ve read and final review.

In conclusion, it’s very beneficial to a student especially those preparing for examinations to participate in study groups discussion and avoid apathy.
This is a group of people who come together to discuss specific topics amongst themselves. The ideal group should comprise of between three to five members only.
As a rule, do not allow the discussion of personal matters during study group discussion.

SOME DOs AND DON’Ts of effective study towards examination.

* Attend lessons regularly and punctually.
* Make use of the Library regularly.
* Take breaks, observe siestas and have time for your hobbies too.
*Plan for exams well in advance so that you will not use ‘fire brigades’ methods.
* When you don’t know; find out!

* Do not divide your attention by eating while studying.
* Do not take stimulants like coffee, drugs, kola nut to assist you in studying.
* Do not sit near your friend while studying, you’ll end up chatting most of the time!
* Do not procrastinate!
* Do not hate your teacher, you’ll hate his or her subject.

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