How To Prepare & Pass Post UTME Exams Excellently

Universities and Polytechnics would soon start sales of POST UTME forms and you’re definitely going to purchase one but there’s one thing that is bothering you. How will I prepare for Post Utme exams and pass? Today, I’ll share with you proven tips on how to prepare and pass Post Utme exams for any Nigerian University.

In today’s article, here’s brief info about what you’re going to learn:

  • How to pass Post-Utme exams
  • Finanial tips for students
  • What it takes to gain admission into a Nigerian university
  • For you to be admitted into any Federal University in Nigeria or Polytechnic – All tertiary Institutions to be specific. You need to have a high score in your Post-Utme result before you can start dreaming of gaining admission.

    Here is a break down of what and what is vital for you to secure admission into a Nigerian University.
    O’ Level – You WASSCE result really speak much about your chances of gaining admission, as it serves as the number one pillar you must build very well before thinking of applying for admission into any school. I’ll say your O’ Level will determine you gaining admission to study your most preferred course. It takes 50% out of the admission quota, I.e the requirements. You must have at least Credit in all your compulsory subjects before thinking of gaining admission or else, I’ll suggest you try NECO because you won’t be admitted if you have anything lesser than C (Credit).

    Post UTME Screening result – This just covers 30% out of the admission quota. You need to pass this screening exam too. Who knows if the school decided to use their own grading system.

    JAMB/ UTME score – Your UTME result covers 20% of the admission quota of your school because JAMB was established just to know how well secondary school students are prepared for the University level.

    How To Prepare For Post-Utme Exams

    how to pass post utme exams

    1. Don’t make reading your hobby – Never in your life make reading your hobby as it can affect you in the long run. You rather study to assimilate and understand whatever you’re reading. Never read to crime meanings word for word. Stare at your book if you can’t study, and whenever you’re in an exam sit, you’ll easily remember.

    2. Get Exams Preparation Materials – If you want to pass Post Utme exams easily, you need to get materials that will help you learn a topic and understand. Materials such as Textbooks, past questions, and answers, booklet, e-books e.t.c
    No matter how hard you study without past question or textbooks, you’ll fail because textbooks and PQ are very good materials that will help you to pass any exam easily.

    3. Reduce your time on social media – Try reducing the hours you use on social media and use it to study. Avoid social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, 2go and Instagram for now because your Post-Utme exam is near and you need to study.
    The more you are active on Facebook, the more latest trend you will see and it’ll divert you from whatever you\re doing. Your mom will always complain and your dad too. I’ll urge you to reduce your time on Social networks because exams are steps you need to build before you can achieve anything.

    4. Stop procrastinating – I’ll do this and that later should stop from now on because it will only make use of your time doing unnecessary things that won’t make you to study hard for your UTME exam. Procrastination is bad as stated in the Holy Bible and Quran. Stop procrastinating babe, it’ll destroy you.

    5. Find information – For you to smash your school Post-Utme, you need to be kept abreast of information regarding your school. Our reputable blog is one of the most trusted blogs where you can find the latest news about admission and tertiary institutions – University, Polytechnic, Colleges as well as a school of education.


    Secondary school success or wokeness doesn’t automatically apply to a university.
    You start a university with a clean academic slate, along with a lot of independence and a myriad of critical and hasty decisions as you begin the transition into Adulthood/Lazy youth-hood.
    The decisions you make and actions you take during your first year will have a huge impact on the rest of your campus experience.

    The first few weeks on campus are usually critical and stressful for all new students. It is during this time, you make critical decisions that’ll have an effect on the rest of your life. The tips below run parallel through your first year till the last.

    1. Go to all orientations.
    Do you really need to go to yet another campus OT? Yes. you need to be Woke and open your eye around all the red tape — the more woke you are, the better prepared you’ll be when issues arise.

    2. Get to know the people in your residence hall.
    The people you live with, most of whom are going through similar experiences and emotions, are your main safety net. Maintain your level of extroversion sha o.

    3. Go to classes.
    Some will say “Before nko?” but sleeping in and skipping that 7:30 am class will be tempting at times. Avoid temptation. Reading materials and handouts are cool deals but you’ll receive vital information from the lecturers about what to expect on tests, changes in course outlines, only when you go for classes.
    Also, become an expert on course requirements.

    4. Meet with your Lecturers, especially if later in the semester you run into some snags.

    5. Be organized and create your own circle and style.
    Here, lecturers lecture, they don’t teach. It’s left for you to understand.
    We have the Circle of influence and circle of concern. In the circle of influence, you can’t control how someone responds to you (among coursemates) but you can control how you respond to it. While on the other hand, you’re handicapped on most situations and rely on those in the circle of influence. Choose your circle.

    6. Seek a balance.
    University life is a mixture of social and academic happenings. Don’t tip the balance too far in either direction. “study hard so you can party hard.”

    7. Get involved on campus.
    Consider joining a select group (and be careful not to go overboard) — student organizations, clubs, sororities or fraternities,(not cults) or sports teams. You’ll make new friends, learn new skills, and feel more connected to your school.

    8. Strive for good grades and don’t forget to learn.
    I know a lot of people who are frequent customers of As and Bs but can’t present themselves. While some are averagely scored but are so outspoken. I fancy the latter though. Our future Nigeria won’t demand your grades again but measure you by what you can offer.

    9. It doesn’t matter if it seems as though everyone else seems to know what they’re doing with their lives — believe me, they don’t — college is the time for you to really discover who you are, what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at, and what you want to be. It’s not a race; take your time and enjoy exploring your options. Take responsibility for yourself.
    Don’t look to place the blame on others for your mistakes; own up to them and move on.

    10. Eat right, don’t try to form tush here. Nobody cares. Don’t go buying a hamburger and french fries when your stomach can only digest rice and beans from a local food vendor.

    11. Don’t spend lavishly.
    If you’ve never had to create a budget, now is the time to do so. Forget the boyfriend/ girlfriend wahala for now. You still have a lot to pay for in life. A well-cultured girl would choose a brilliant, well dressed and crazy bard over a block-head yahoo boy. Trust me.

    12. Be prepared to feel overwhelmed and unprepared. It’s normal. Don’t be a statistic; be determined to make it through your freshman year — and beyond.
    Now let’s bounce back to the main reason why you visited this page, you want to know how to prepare and successfully pass Post-Utme examinations.

    Before it is not easy to pass excellently in UNILAG or University of Ibadan Post-Utme, but now things have changed. You can have as high as 100% in any examination. All you have to do is to fully prepare and follow our listed tips.
    A white man once said, “When opportunity meets preparation, success is what’s achieved!” I vehemently agree with this quote even though I don’t know who quoted this.
    Should in case you have any questions on how to pass Post Utme exams or have any contributions to make? I’ll appreciate if you can use the comment box below.

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