How to retrieve WAEC scratch card pin


Are you a WAEC candidate?  Do you want to know how to retrieve WAEC scratch card pin? If yes, then this article is for you.

The 2021/2022 WAEC examination is currently in progress and most of the candidates are probably occupied with exam activities at the moment. However, this piece of information is important for every person who is willing to know about using the WAEC scratch card. This scratch card is a property of the West African Examination Council (WAEC). It is used to check the exam results of candidates who sat for WAEC examinations.

In this article, I am going to be giving you information about WAEC scratch cards and how you can use it to check your result.


 How does the scratch card work?

Like I said earlier, the WAEC scratch card is used to check the results of candidates that sat for WAEC Examinations. The scratch card which is also called the WAEC result checker contains a serial number and a pin. The PIN stands for ‘Personal Identification Number’ and it is usually a 12-digit number. The pin is crucial in accessing a candidate’s result via the WAEC result checker portal.

The scratch card pin can also be purchased online and there are various ways to access the scratch card pin. 

Firstly, the primary way to buy a WAEC scratch pin is by visiting the WAEC branch to buy the result checker pin. Alternatively, you can buy the scratch card pin from the comfort of your home. 

To do this, keep reading this article to see how to buy scratch pins online.

They are some designated outlets that are permitted to sell WAEC scratch card pin online. You can as well purchase your pin from them.

How to buy WAEC scratch card pin online

The following methods below are ways you can purchase a scratch card pin online:

  1. Buy via E-PinMall
  • To use this method, you have to log in to your E-PinMall account
  • Choose the option to ‘buy WAEC scratch card’
  • Choose your payment method.

NOTE: they are two ways you can complete the payments. You can make payments via bank transfer or online payment with your ATM.

  • Confirm the transaction details and complete the payment. 
  • After completing the payment, you will receive the WAEC scratch card pin through a text message.

How to retrieve WAEC scratch card pin

If you lost your WAEC scratch card pin, you can still retrieve the pin. To retrieve the pin, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your E-PinMall account
  • Go to your transaction history and here you can retrieve your pin via message or Email.

NOTE: This is only for people who purchased their pin through E-PinMall. However, other sites that sell WAEC scratch cards online are Mycyberteller and Examloaded. 

Using the scratch card to check results is very easy to do. I am going to give you a guide on how you can check your WAEC results using the scratch card:

How to use WAEC scratch card

  • Go to the WAEC result checker page at
  • Enter your WAEC exam number
  • Choose the correct examination year
  • Select the exam type.
  • Enter your pin and serial number. Your WAEC scratch card will provide the pin and serial number.
  • Finally, click the button that reads submit.

Alternatively, you can check your result by sending a message to a cord. Here is how it is done:

Send WAEC*your 10-digit exam number*PIN*your exam year to 32327

For example WAEC*4323873587*scratch card pin*2021

SMS charges for this message in only N30.

After doing this, your WAEC result will be sent to you in a few seconds.


Some frequently asked questions on WAEC scratch card

How many times can I use the WAEC scratch card?

You are only allowed to use the WAEC scratch card to check your result a maximum of five times. After the fifth time, the scratch card expires and becomes invalid.

How much is a WAEC scratch card?

WAEC scratch card is available at their branch offices for only N1, 500. However, if you are buying the scratch card online, this can cost you about N2, 000

Can I use a scratch card to check more than one WAEC result?

This is not possible. You are only allowed to check one result with a scratch card. If you attempt to check a different WAEC result with a scratch card that has been used, you will get an error message.

This is all the info I can give you about how to use the WAEC scratch card and how to retrieve your WAEC scratch card pin. For more information, visit WAEC’s official website at


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