Cheap And Low Tuition Universities In Australia

Are you wondering about studying in Australia and have chosen your preferred University but their tuition fee is high? In this article will you find a list of Universities in Australia with low tuition fees.

Studying in Australia doesn’t have to make you visit the bank for a loan, as there are lots of scholarship opportunities opened to you. Meanwhile, if you’re granted a scholarship you’ll be able to study in any Australian University for free.

However, it is the prayer of thousands of international students, that they should be granted admission upon applying for admission to any of the University in Australia.

According to study-domain, ” Many students choose to study in Australia because of its high educational standard and the availability of jobs for students who might want to depend on part-time jobs to support their study.”

There are many available high authority Universities in Australia where you can study since most of the Australian Universities have low tuition fees. These Universities in Australia offers high-quality education in exchange for low-tuition fees. Since what brought you to our blog is to find out low tuition universities in Australia for international students. Below is a table which shows the list of Universities in Australia that offer quality education in exchange for low-tuition fees.

Engineering Universities in Australia with Low Tuition Fees for International Students

University Name Bachelor Tuition (Average) Postgraduate Tuition (Average)
University of Cambera $24,000 $29,000
University of New England $23,000 $28,000
Australian Catholic University $22,000 $25,000
University of Southern Queensland $22,000 $25,000
Charles Darwin University $20,000 $25,000
University of Sunshine Coat $20,000 $24,000
Victoria University $25,000 $23,000
Charles Sturt University $23,000 $23,000
Southern Cross University $20,000 $23,000
University of Divinity $12,000 $12,000

Cost of Living In Australia

The cost of living in Australia is very high compared to other developed countries like USA, France, Spain, Swizerland e.t.c.
The Australia Government requires international students to have $19,830 Austrian Dollars (5 Million Plus in Naira) to pay for the living cost per year.
If a student is on scholarship, he/she wouldn’t have to pay up to that amount.

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