List of Low Tuition Universities in Canada For International Students

Canada still remains one of the best countries to study. International students who are aspiring to study for free in Canada should consider the quality education, they would get if they finally found the opportunity to study in one of the cheapest University in Canada with low tuition fees.

To study in Canada, does not mean you have to get a loan from your trusted bank. Leave your banks alone and make findings on the internet, as there are free in-depth guides you can learn from. In this article, some Universities have been listed for you, they appear to be the cheapest in Canada. Meanwhile, this list contains low tuition universities in Canada 2018.

I’m going to list some good low tuition universities in Canada with tuition fees ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per academic year.

In the list below, will you find awesome low tuition universities in Canada with their tuition fees ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 for all semester in a year!

Meanwhile, apart from studying in Canada for free, it is mandatory for you to know the cost of living in Canda, to enable you to prepare for your study abroad.

Cost of living in Canada
According to and, “the cost of living in Canada is estimated at $600 to $800 per month. This fee covers the cost of miscellaneous, stationaries, accommodation, food, groceries, bus fare, medicals etc“.

Below is the breakdown of the total living cost:

Bus Fare One Way (local) $2.00 – $3.00
Average Restaurant Meal $10.00 – 25.00 per person
Movie $8.50 – $13.00
Sending of letters within Canada $0.52
International Postage (letter) $1.55

One month’s lodging, one-bedroom apartment: $400 app.
Local telephone call: $0.25 Approx
Modest restaurant meal: lunch $7/dinner $14 Approx
Movie: $11.50 – $13 Approx

Books & Supplies $ 1000 per year
Groceries $150 – $200 per month
Utilities & Sundry – $300 per month

That’s all for the living cost in Canada! So we are good to go. Now here is a list of low tuition universities in Canada with tuition fees.

List of low tuition universities & Colleges in Canada for international students 2018
– Dominican University College $5,000

– Brandon University $6,219

– Universite de Saint-Boniface $6,420

– Canadian Mennonite University $7,560

– Memorial University Of Newfoundland $8,800

– Southern Alberta Institute of Technology $5000 – $7000

– The Kings University College $9,920

– Athabasca University $9,440 – $10,490

– Canadian Mennonite University $7,728 – $7,728

– Université de Moncton $10,270 – $10,270

– Saint Paul University $9,836

– Universite’ Saint- Anne $8,820

– Mount Royal University $11,121

– The University of Winnipeg $12,228

– Concordia University of Edmonton $11,680

List of Universities in Canada with affordable tuition fees for international students.
Below each University are the Undergraduate Tuition fee likewise Postgraduate Tuition Fees (USD$)

Macmaster University
Undergraduate Tuition $14000 – 16000
Postgraduate Tuition (USD$) $14000- 16000

University of Western Ontario
Undergraduate Tuition $14000- 16000
Postgraduate Tuition (USD$) $12000- 14000

University of Otawa
Undergraduate Tuition $14000- 16000
Postgraduate Tuition (USD$) $14000-16000

Dalhousie University
Undergraduate Tuition $14000-16000
Postgraduate Tuition (USD$) $14000-16000

University of Victoria
Undergraduate Tuition $14000- 16000
Postgraduate Tuition (USD$) $6000 – 8000

University of Saskatchewan
Undergraduate Tuition $12000- 14000
Postgraduate Tuition (USD$) $4000- 6000

University of Manitoba
Undergraduate Tuition $12000-14000
Postgraduate Tuition (USD$) $8000- 10000

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Undergraduate Tuition $8,800 – 8,800

University of Prince Edward Island
Undergraduate Tuition $11,600 – 11,600

Acadia University
Undergraduate Tuition $14,553 – 14,553

Université Sainte-Anne
Undergraduate Tuition $8,540 – 8,540

Mount Saint Vincent University
Undergraduate Tuition $11,968 – 11,968

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University)
Undergraduate Tuition $13,248 – 13,248

St. Francis Xavier University
Undergraduate Tuition $13,560 – 13,560

Saint Mary’s University
Undergraduate Tuition $12,500 – 12,500

Cape Breton University
Undergraduate Tuition $12,490 – 12,490

Université de Moncton
Undergraduate Tuition $9,971 – 9,971

University of Northern BC
Undergraduate Tuition $9,814

University of Lethbridge
Undergraduate Tuition $10,370

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