How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria While On Campus

Ways You can Make Money as a Student in Nigeria while on Campus

Have you been reasoning of how and ways to make money in any Nigerian university and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria?
Is it your dream to make up to 7 figure income as a student on campus without influencing your studies? Today, we will be sharing with you 5 great business ideas for students in Nigeria.

It is a fact to say that, students who just got admitted into a tertiary institution are more likely to be in need than any other students in the campus.

There are several ways to make legitimate money in the campus as a teenager; be it through the internet or offline. You’re damn so lucky to have visited our website today, for we will be enlightening you on how and ways you can earn some figures of money as a teenager while in campus.

Below Are 5 Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria While On Campus:


Photography is really taking the world to places as Photographers capture beautiful and exciting moments for the global to see.
It has been confirmed that 75% of students who are in Higher Institution take pictures, selfie to be precise almost every day with a time gap of 2 hours.

This can be an avenue in making money for some wise student as the fee for a particular shot/capture ranges from #300 – #500 which is a big money if done more than 5 times.

Before you know it, someday, you’ll have gain recognition all over the campus and people will be calling you to take up events and then you’ll have been the boss of yourself.

For you to embark on the journey of photography, we recommend you buy a smart camera and likewise, a printer. The camera should be more than 18 mega pixel as this also contributes to clear capture of exciting moments.


Graphics is very essential when we talk of brands, portfolios, logo and advertisement.

No doubt that, companies, artistes, musicians and much more are in need of graphic designers as these people are the one that design, restructure and modify their brands logo, advert cover, book cover and different portfolios.

For you to start learning graphic, we recommend you start with “COREL DRAW” and if you’re good at it; you’re good to go and you are in charge of the fee you’ll collect for a particular design, depending on the kind of work. Simple graphics is estimated to start from #5000 or more; talk less of when you get a big job.


Blogging is another thing entirely as you’ll need adequate internet connection.

Blogging by simple definition refers to sharing of ideas, text, pictures and videos online.

Blogging is a very smart and good way to make decent money from home via the internet as a teenager while in campus due to the reason that your blog will be visited mostly by school colleagues and a lot more of unknown people who does not want to know a damn fuck about you, only if you do it the right way.

Blogging needs consistency and patience because at first, you might not earn a single penny but later, you could earn millions.
For you to start blogging, you must be prepared to buy a domain name- which usually ranges from $13 (#4,673) or more in Naira and then you host your blog using hostgator or any other reliable hosting services.

We recommend you use WordPress since it is highly Search Engine Optimized.
To make money from a blog, you either display Google ads on your blog or sell products online which is generally revered to as Affiliate Marketing.


Freelancing involves writing, editing, copywriting, coding, graphics and all sorts.

Freelancing is a easy to do thing as it depends on your choice and what you’re very good at.

Being a freelancer means, you’ll be paid for the service you render to a client, either big or small. It could be writing, translating or editing but note; for you to be hired by clients and to get jobs regularly, all you need is to build and craft a portfolio for yourself. It could be a Facebook page , Twitter handle or an Instagram account.

It is imperative you register with websites which will connect you with paying clients who can offer you a big job. Some of these sites include;,, and lots more.


If you have a laptop with internet access, you can assist fellow students with online registrations (Scholarship applications, School fees payment, admission regularization, course registration etc.) and charge a token for the services. This is quite lucrative especially at the beginning of semesters and when there are prospective/new students on campus.

NOTE: We do not encourage betting, gambling or any High Yield Investment Program.

If you’re willing to choose any of the above strategy to make money as a teenager while in campus, we are very sure that, you’ll smile to money when alone in your room.

Have I missed any other means of making money as a teenager while in campus? If yes, take an action by using the comment box below.


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