How To Pass Jamb Successfully In Flying Colors

How To Pass Jamb Without Cheating

There can be no doubt that candidates who have a score within the range of 200 – 300 are more likely to gain admission faster into their choice of Institution as they are on the safer side to candidates who have a JAMB score far less than 200 or equal to 190.

Let me share my story on how I was able to conquer jamb despite being my first time. How to pass jamb without cheating – I participated in JAMB 2017/2018 and you want to participate in JAMB 2018/2019. I was in senior secondary 3, science department, my final year and was focused towards excelling in Jamb examination and at that time also aspiring to have 5 A’s and 4 B’s in the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

I visited the library a lot and spend at least 3 hours or less every day, engaging with fellow Jambites. I share a lot of complicated question I can’t solve to them and we all contribute to solve and get the answer. The zeal to have higher mark than others amongst us sprouted like iroko tree and we solved mathematical problems like we will die if we don’t arrive at the answer.

I was not left out completely as the zeal continued to burn in me, even when I’m at home. I wake up in the morning around 5:30 am and read textbooks till 6:30 am or 7:00 am at times.

When the day of the exam came, I arrived at my exam center late and was very unhappy with what I saw and what the supervisor said. What are you thinking? I did sit for the examination and was excited with questions I saw on the screen. Wow! “Is this not the question Bayo solved for us yesterday, see that one too, I solved it for Motunrayo and the answer is 5.7cm” I was so happy but had to face some really,… questions that are so damn complicated.

When the result came out, I had 233 which was quite awesome. My advice to you is to read this article until the end and stay motivated.

Now let us bounce back to the main reason why you are on our blog which is for you to know or find out how you can pass jamb or how to have a high score in jamb and how to study for jamb, either way, you still want to excel in your jamb examination.

In this article, will you find success tips to pass JAMB in flying colors at your first time of participating.

We will not be sharing with you, any reliable source to get free JAMB expo, jamb cheat site or jamb secret or any of its agent. This article is strictly on “how to pass jamb successfully” even if it is your first time to participate.

How To Score Above 300 In Jamb 2018

Below are the 6 powerful tips that can help you pass jamb easily.
1. Practice Past Questions: Practicing jamb past questions will help you to gain higher mark in UTME as this will make you be familiar with the type of questions jamb will set. There can be no iota of doubt that some questions in the past question will be repeated giving you a bonus if you’ve seen or come across the question before. That’s it!

Practice at least one subject, a day till the day of your examination. Study the questions carefully before choosing an answer and study the pattern to which the Joint Admission Matriculation Board body sets their annual questions.

2. Read Text-Books: Does this look odd? It should be because I myself knows Jamb set questions from their question booklet but all the while, reading and consulting great and very good textbooks has helped many students to excel in Jamb. There is no doubt that some questions in Jamb Past question have wrong answers and that is why the need to consult textbooks is vital. Using textbooks to prepare for jamb is very good as this will introduce you to lots of question and you’ll be able to solve a lot of hard problems on a particular topic.

3.Be challenged: Yes! Every candidate should be challenged as there are couple others who want to have a very high score in Jamb and they’re really practicing more than you do. Some even have teachers who take them, while you don’t. Being the best student in Jamb Examination is a very great achievement as this will introduce you to people who will offer you scholarships. You should also note that having a score of 280 or above will automatically qualify you for a 4 years scholarship sponsored by JAMB as officially disclosed early 2017. It also applies to 2018 also my brother/ sister.

4.Solve problems like, if you don’t get the actual answer, your head will be cut off: were you scared of the subtitle? Was it funny? Never mind, I was only expressing my mind. I want to motivate you, that’s why I said that.

You should solve questions like you will die if you don’t get to find out the answer yourself! This is a very good way to motivate yourself never to relent as you will be familiarized with how Jamb set their question as this will help you to start looking for questions under those topics and solving the complicated one.

5. Stay Focused: Be a focused guy, my brother, be a focused lady, my Sister! Being focused will make you do the extra. “You will solve questions die” I promise you. All you need to survive and to keep the burning spirit of having a high score in jamb alive is to remain focused.

Focus on what you want to achieve, as this will seem to be or let us assume is a short-term goal. So you’ll eventually enjoy the glory if you excel and for sure, you’ve excel already because you are reading this article.
One thing also, pray and walk with God, He is the king of glory that should be glorified first in anything you do.

6. Learn How To Use A Computer: This is very imperative “Egbon” (Brother). The need for you to learn how to handle and use a computer system is imperative. Learn how to handle a mouse as this will be your pencil in the exam hall, while the computer/ monitor screen is your examination paper. Don’t let your story be like those who switched off their computer without submitting their answers to the server. I bet you $50, you’ll be so popular to the extent that people will start saying, “In my Jamb examination center, one MUMU person mistakenly switched off the computer, when he/ she hasn’t finished the exam question”. Don’t laugh!

So the need for you to know how to use a computer and handle a mouse to click on your answer is imperative.

We are all pencils in the hands of our creator! If you do follow the tips above, I guarantee you success in your fast-approaching JAMB amination.

Do you know of any other ways to pass JAMB easily? Or do you want to ask a question? Let’s hear your voice by sounding off in the comment box below.

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