How To Pass JAMB Without Cheating

Do you get anxious about how to pass jamb without cheating? Or do you always have poor performance in JAMB? Consciously follow these guidelines and you’ll pass JAMB successfully which I’m assured, will be good for you without cheating.
If you have ever been in a computer tutorial, by learning how to pass any typing test or examination you can as well learn to be a very fast typist and level up your grade.

How To Study For JAMB

It would be difficult to improve your skills if you haven’t put them to a test. Ensure you are over-familiar with the keyboard. Most students fail the computer-based test as a result of their lack of skills.
Try some online test that has to do with typing on the particular subject you are writing.

To students that will be writing jamb in 2018, make sure you get the commencement date as soon as possible so that doesn’t surprise you. After that, create a schedule so you can have an adequate time for study for the exam effectively. Cramming the test at the last minute is not a good practice and can apparently lead to faliure.

Instead, spend 40-50 minutes every day studying the materials you went over in tutorial class that day. If that is a bit extraneous, extend your study to a week or two before the exam studying every day.

This gives you a larger opportunity to revise concepts and topics you may find complex or controversial and allows you time to absorb them.
Conclusively, If you don’t understand something, studying beforehand grants you enough time to ask your teacher or tutor about it.

Look at previous exams and revise them. go through past questions and figure out the technique in which objective questions are presented. you can also get tutored, if you find your self-struggling with some subject, go to a tutoring session. This might be a teacher, lecturer or a professor.

Gather a few colleagues who are of the same category with you and study together. it is said “two hands are better than one”, come up with possible test questions and quiz each other. You can also make explicit some concepts that seems complex to each other.

You have to be sincere with yourself at this point. It is high time you stopped giving room for any sort of examination malpractices!. Unfortunately, this has been a knack for most student and that is why they get poor performance. Ironical, I’ll call it. do not expect or take along with you cheats into the examination hall,this can eventually leave you in distraught!. simply study hard and success is yours.

Nevertheless, it is one thing to study beforehand and it is another to maintain absolute comportment and orderliness during jamb examination. How do you actualize this?

Arrange what you will need for the exam a night before and ensure you arrive at least 10-15 minutes early. for instance, if you’re in high school, don’t hang around the halls with your friends. make sure you bring along with you all the materials you need.

Make sure that whenever you are ready to attempt a typing test take a deep breath and position your fingers on the right keys.

Don’t look at the keyboard.
You may find this difficult to believe but it will surely waste your time! and eventually, you’re likely to lose track of where you stopped. hence, you should memorize where these keys are situated on the keyboard as fast as possible.

Do the best of your best.
By putting in your Best, it registers in your brain that you are conscious of putting in your effort and even if you fail, you’d be brave enough to try again till you attain your goal. Don’t rely on cheat and simply put in your best and success is guaranteed!

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