How To Prepare For WAEC 2018/2019

Oh! You’ve scaled it through senior secondary one(ss1) and senior secondary two(ss2) and now, the junior guy of yesterday is in senior secondary 3 (ss3).
Wow! Thanks to the educational system in Nigeria.
Though Nigeria’s education system still need more than half of the expenses politicians spend on politics in order to develop.

Today, we are very glad to share with you success tips of people who have scaled or passed WAEC in flying colours- A’s, B’s and C’s. And how you too can prepare to pass WAEC smoothly.

You should note that in this article we will not be telling you where to get 2018 free waec expo or 2018 english expo for WAEC. The only thing we will be sharing
is how you can start to prepare for waec and how to pass waec successfully.

Now lets dive into the main reason why you found or visited our reputable blog,
Admission List Nigeria – How To Pass Waec Successfully

How To Pass WAEC

The number #1 on the list and our first reason is;

1. Practice Past Questions(PQ):
It has been confirmed that WAEC does not have much questions to ask waec candidates
anylonger as all they do is pick questions randomly from different years in the
past question booklet. And if you’re that guy/ lass that likes to practice or solve questions
from the past question booklet you bought or offered you; there’s no doubt that you’ll meet
50% of the questions you’ve answered or solved in the past question booklet and do you know what
that means? You’ll pass that paper in flying color.

2. Read Text-Books:
Those who use text-books to prepare for examinations are more likely to standout than others who
learn with past questions. Are you wondering why I said that? well, its simply because, 30% of
the answers given to questions in PQ are wrong. You’ll support me if you’ve been friendly with
diffrent past questions booklet. The text-book will provide you complicated examples that has
been solved and proffer you a list of complicated questions to solve and I bet you $50, if you’re
able to solve some of the questions, you will do better than others. Who knows if WAEC might have
tweak the questions or they now have questions.

3. Ask Questions:
Yeah! A whole lot of people tends to know something or likes to seek for an answer to a question they don’t understand
and at the mention of it all, they’ll find out the realanswer. It is very good and not a bad thing to ask questions.
If you have a question in mind and you don’t know it, its better and wonderful to ask your colleagues or a teacher. Who
knows if that same question you don’t want to ask will be made compulsory in your examination. My brothers and sisters,
please its high time you stopped being lazy and ask questions.

4. Forget About Waec Expo:

Its high time private and public schools stopped waec expo. There should be nothing like free waec expo or waec runz 2018.
I have participated and paid for mathematics waec expo, even some other subjects and there’s no joy in it since I have
met and conquered those questions before in the past question booklet. Come to think of it, when you pay 8,000
(Eight thousand naira only) for all your waec subjects and when your result was out, you had 5 C’s and some others D,
which is pass.

I hope with that awesome ideas to pass waec easily. You should be able to pass waec once and for all without cheating.

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