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It was getting dark and darker, a voyage to an unknown island. I walked past the valley; fruits from the trees were as sweet as berries. On my way; I saw the little statue of Charlie. My father once told me it was carved, to remember the brave deed of Charlie.

There were no signs of bullies, birds chirping from one tree to another. Although, it was very dark, yet, I passed the field full of lilies. The night was dark and the weather was cold, I knew I had to be bold, before starting this journey. Insects buzz out lights which shined like gold´s; I fawned at the intricate of this goodness. I couldn’t help myself and off, I slept.

Suddenly, in a puff, the bright lights in my village went off. I went out from my cabin, flabbergasted to what I saw, the street was already rough and everywhere seems tough. ”run, run, run?” was my neighbor with a bald head, shouting! I heard a loud scream from a direction and I looked forward to the place, Jesus. Blood on a man´s shirt, who was cream. Couldn´t I do anything? I just stood still, gazing at him; he was a bit very grim and meek.

Again I heard a shout of agony from a man with a beard, he looked very dirty and wore thread, and he seems to be respected and feared. He pointed to the third street and there, was sudden smoke all over there and there was another man lying on a sheet. This time around, I could act; I went to him and on him were marks of teeth. All of a sudden, I became afraid and I thought it was a raid. I started to run. I wanted these scary sights to fade. Yet, it kept on getting into my memory. I want my fears to be allayed and I still kept on, running. I had never in my life run a race like this before. It was a race of life and death. The night was still very dark and scary, the moons and stars didn´t shine with glory. The gods must be, behind this I thought. The stars seemed to hide far away in a fury, why? I asked myself and answered that it was because of these scary sights. I knew there was more to this story.

From nowhere, I heard a shot from a rifle, I ran and this time I saw people, blood flowed like it was for fun as people ran past every corner and every turn.

Jehovah! Was the word that altered from my mouth? I was trapped and was half dead by what I saw, a dark statue, with horns. Behold! By a giant chimera who captured me. I was bounded with chains heavy as that of a gun carriage. At the side of the horn, I saw a sign. He seems to be the leader of the rusty dirty monster.

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The village was already vacant; I can hear screaming from thousands of mile away, he has servants who bounded my legs with ropes. I was half dead as I was being approached; one of the monsters took me to a cave, a place that was written to be ” place of the skull“. I was sent in, into the dark cave, followed by the chimera´s assistant. The structure of the inner cave was not clear at first, as soon as we began to walk faster, it was very obvious to me that I am no more than dead. At this point, I saw giant chimeras, it was indeed the kingdom of the skull. I knew I will be taken to their head which I hope will be a king. They took me past the public, eyes were set on me, I was totally different from them. Monsters rejoicing and chuckling, I knew there was a mystery behind it. At last, I was brought over to their king. The king of the chimera, he was very scary at night, he had seven horns and three different heads followed by the queen the ugliest monster I have ever seen. I was lost in deep thought when they brought out all other captives. They were to sacrifice us to their god. Our blood, fresh blood!

Fear gulped down my throat through my spine, my legs shaking like a loaded lorry which is about to fall. A woman was placed on a tabernacle, where she was persecuted. One to many and lastly to me. I was dragged like a slave, they spat on me, beat me and I wanted to cry but I couldn´t? I was placed on the tabernacle; this time around, I was already dead in spirit. The sword went up like an eagle who sighted a prey and down it comes for the most delicious and sweetest meal; I found myself at the precious place I once gazed at with enthusiasm. Whereas! It was all a dream.

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