The Price Of Academic Excellence

A lot of people have aspired to be in college because they have heard of the fun and the peripheral affairs which take place on campus
A lot of students have without reproach ignore the fact of academic excellence and this has continued to decrease and wane down the high-value place on education. Nowadays student prefers to celebrate mediocrely and failures more than distinctive students who went through thorns and tussle to become outstanding.

This article is for serious students who have the mindset of making an excellent result while in college. But the question is what is the secret of academic excellence and how do you maintain a good academic standing.
This article contains four outstanding litmus test with productive results of how to make history and break records while in high school.

1.STUDY TO GET YOURSELF APPROVED: A lot of student study to pass exams while only a few go through the stress of concentrated studying not just to pass the exam but to become acquainted with the subject or topic. 
An average student will always want to cram everything, but don’t forget that immediately after that exam you will forget. But once you study to understand, you can use that same knowledge to make a distinction in a similar course.

2.KNOW YOUR LIMIT: A lot of student love to be called a scholar. The truth is not everybody can be a scholar, Not everybody have the patience to drive himself to the limit.

Scholars are not made, scholars are formed out of intent determination. Don’t study beyond your control. If you must be a scholar, then you must know the limit at which your brain function most. 

3.SET A HIGH STANDARD: Every student who wishes to make history do this. Almost everybody is familiar with this fact. But not everybody can do it.

It takes sacrifice and pain to meet up to a good standard. If you are a student who doesn’t set a standard, then expect to get every grade, both bad and good.

4. HAVE A PRINCIPLE: Even the most successful businessmen work with principles and ethics. A lot of students Don’t have any principle, they take anything that comes their way based on the voice of the majority.
I remember a long time ago when we were preparing for a bulky course with just a limited time, A lot of people were never even thinking of getting A’s in the course. But then after much study, my study mate said ‘I am going to get A1 in this course’. 

He had a principle never to be swayed by the principle of the crowd and stood his ground knowing that he was good enough to become outstanding.
#Fact- geniuses are born but scholars are made.

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