Top Paying jobs You Can Do In Canada Without A Degree


Autumn is approaching, which means it’s time to return to school. However, not all young people have chosen for themselves the role of a student. Many decided to get a job immediately after graduation.

Especially for them, the employment-related search engine for job listings compiled a list of professions for which a university degree is not needed.
“Employers are facing a lack of professionals. Experts in technical fields are in great demand”, said Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada. “It’s important that job-seekers are aware of all the options available to them son the labor market and can reasonably assess their capabilities”.
So try to enter the university, but know that you can get a job without a university degree. For example, for these positions:
Best-paying jobs you can get without a university degree
Average yearly salary
App Developer
$66 058
$62 339
Web Developer
$61 822
Maintenance Manager
$83 184
$75 396
Sales Executive
$63 017
Construction Inspector
$64 675
Owner Operator Driver
$144 969
Car Sales Executive
$78 994
Real Estate Agent
$107 843

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