15 Federal Universities Offering Nursing in Nigeria

Nigerian government pays great attention to developing health care services lately. This means that prospective students are advised to pay their close attention to studying nursing, as this can be a wonderful profession with high salaries after graduation. We have come up with a list of federal universities offering nursing in Nigeria to help you make a choice.

Many citizens decide to apply into federal universities because they are accredited by NUC, have an interesting history with many generations of graduates and great professors who teach students how to care for patients, maintain their health, and improve their life’s quality.

List of federal universities that offer Nursing in Nigeria

NUC has officially accredited and listed 41 federal universities in Nigeria. Which higher educational institutions from this list offer courses in nursing? We have created a compilation of Nigerian universities offering nursing disciplines in no particular order. Here is a full list of them.

1. University of Port-Harcourt

This federal institution was founded in 1975. Candidates who choose this place for their higher education can study at the faculty of clinical sciences that includes nursing as well as other departments.

The total number of departments being offered to students is 22. In other words, you can become a nursing specialist and learn many wonderful disciplines to become educated and wise during the years of your university studies.

2. University of Maiduguri

Nursing in Nigeria is taught at the University of Maiduguri. This institution boasts College of Medical Sciences as a part of its programs. This college consists of 8 departments including Nursing Science.

This college grew from one of the faculties offered here back in 1978 (three years after the official establishment of the federal university). Today students can become Bachelors of Nursing after graduation.

3. University of Nigeria

Well-known and wise medical practitioners teach nursing at this federal institution. This means that students can learn much more than textbooks teach. Nursing is a field of practicing combined with theoretical knowledge.

In other words, you can apply to UNN if you want to study Nursing Science, practice, and become a real professional in your field of study.

4. University of Lagos

The federal institution located in the biggest city of Nigeria can be a nice choice when it comes to nursing. It has the Faculty of Clinical Sciences that studies various disciplines and has a department of Nursing Science.

Studying important disciplines and being taught by real practitioners is a great bonus. The Faculty has a long history of development and improvement. It started as the School of Clinical Science that was approved by NUC as a Faculty in 2009.

5. University of Jos

This federal university also offers nursing for Nigerians. The course is a part of Faculty of Medical Science.

Lecturers are great professionals who know how to explain theories and help with practical skills. Serious students can get a wonderful education if they take their studies seriously.

6. University of Ilorin

This is a reliable higher educational institution existing since 1975. It has College of Health Sciences as a part of the educational programs. Students have a choice of 2 faculties within this college.

The Faculty of Clinical Sciences is what you should apply for if you are planning to study nursing. This discipline is one of the 10 departments that are offered by the University of Ilorin to all citizens of Nigeria who are interested in their higher education.

7. University of Ibadan

The 5-year nursing course is taught here. All Nigerians who are looking into this developing sphere of life and work can enter this federal university to study, practice, and graduate with a diploma.

The studies include research, practices, and theoretical knowledge. Students can study nursing in Nigerian clinics and within the university classes.

8. University of Benin

Existing since 1970, UNIBEN’s College of Medical Science still offers three Schools to local and foreign students. Nigerian pupils who graduate from high schools and plan to get further education in the healthcare field can choose the School of Basic Medical Sciences.

This is a good selection of an institution with ‘federal’ status that teaches Nursing. You can get your certificate and diploma after several years of successful studies, practicing skills, and examinations.

9. University of Abuja

Would you like to study in the capital of our country? Apply to the federal institution in Abuja and study at the College of Health Sciences. It exists since 2007 but offers many great opportunities to citizens of the capital, other cities of Nigeria, and foreign countries.

This wonderful College lets you study not only nursing but also practice and develop your skills at Abuja Teaching Hospital.

10. Obafemi Awolowo University

This place has a big Department of Nursing. You can study different medicine related disciplines and gain important knowledge for building your own career afterwards.

The department is a part of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, which exists since 1993. Students study in classes and practice in multidisciplinary laboratories.

11. Nnamdi Azikiwe University

You can get into 200 or 300-level disciplines at Nnamdi Azikiwe University to study and get a degree in Nursing Science. It is a part of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.

Previously this federal institution had a Faculty of Medicine. In other words, the place is trusted and reliable to get your higher education.

12. National Open University of Nigeria

This federal institution is located in the largest city, Lagos. It offers the Faculty of Health Science to all interested students who can study, research, practice skills, and be awarded a Bachelor Degree in Nursing Science.

Shortly, your degree is called BNSc. After graduation, serious students with excellent grades, outstanding academic performance and achievements can work as nurses in Nigerian clinics and serve their communities.

13. Federal University, Birnin Kebbi

This federal institution offers its College of Health Science to all Nigerians who wish to study Nursing and become specialists in this sphere.

The university’s website is still being developed so you won’t find all the information about the course, disciplines offered by it. However, you can always contact the staff and ask for all the details you are interested to know.

14. Bayero University, Kano

Its College of Health Sciences is waiting for all interested Nigerians who wish to study at the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, which includes the course of nursing.

Existing since 1977 (before this it was known as Ahmadu Bello College that was created in 1960), Bayero University Kano shortly known as BUK has a long history of preparing its students for the professional development and career building after graduation.

15. Ahmadu Bello University

You can apply for Medicine Faculty at this federal institution that exists since 1962. Study Nursing Science to gain important knowledge and skills, pass exams, get your degree and you can find your dream job in different Nigerian clinics.

Healthcare life sector is being developed and improved. Study to become a health care provider, nurse practitioner, and real professional in the nursing sphere, and you could find a good paying job with an opportunity to build a successful career after graduation.

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