5 Tips To Unleash Your Writing Creativity

Finding Your Voice in Writing – Tips And Advice.

Writing as a hobby is a great way to amass laurels, awards, honor, garlands, medals and what else you’ll call it; it boosts your self-esteem, confidence, exposes you, and makes you be intellectually build up and become an informed opinion leader.
When you don’t write, think deeply; you lose nothing and gain nothing, nothing at all.

Finding Your Voice in Writing

Four Reasons For You To Start Writing.

1. You’ve Got The Talent’
Writing sucks I know, but there is no talent for writing, you just have to write down what you’ve got stored in your head.
Let me quote Peter Elbow, someone that has expressed this point in his book,

People without education say, “If only I had the education I could write.”
People with education say, “If only I had talent, I could write.”
People with education and talent say, “If only I had self-discipline I could write.”
People with education, talent and self-discipline say, “If only …” and don’t know what to say next.

It’s not your educational background that matters, it is your ability to write and fail forward.
“Constant practice brings about perfection” apply for essay contest to keep you abreast of your writing career. Write, write and write! You’ll find it interesting later on.

2. You Can Make Money Online With Your Writing Career
Writing as a freelancer can fetch you money, YES! It depends on how smart and agile you are towards writing. www.upwork.com is a safe web for you to get to meet with paying clients who will assign you to a task and you’ll get paid for the number of tasks you accomplish.

3. You will gain the recognition you deserve
Writing often brings about recognition! – This a true fact for those who have been writing as a profession. Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin can testify to this. This young entrepreneur and writer have made it in the world of writing to the extent of being recognized by Forbes – a world-leading Magazine. “His name was made mentioned in the online marketing influencers for 2017-(Forbes)”.

4. Investors will Invest in your writings
You’ve got to love writing not to dump it. Real writers don’t just pen down their thoughts to get applauded, compensated or celebrated. They write to invest for their future and attract investors to invest in them who will pay them handsomely for their service rendered.

5. Develop An Unrepentant Determination
Reader, the best way to boost your focus and interest in writing is to keep writing, always.

At every point, always write and think big in every place you find yourself comfortable to write. The best way to keep your morale in high spirit is to keep writing daily, regularly, weekly, monthly, and annually. Develop an unrepentant determination not to settle for even a little less than consistency.

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