When is JAMB reprinting starting?


The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) usually advises every candidate to reprint his/her JAMB slip. This is often done before the examination commences and all candidates are must adhere to this instruction. The 2021 JAMB UTME reprinting starts about one week before the JAMB CBT exams commence. If you want to have an answer to the question ‘When is JAMB reprinting starting?’ then keep reading this article.

After completing your JAMB UTME registration, you are going to be given a slip. This slip does not contain all the information that is required for the examination. The slip does not contain the schedule of the Exams and also the venue of the candidate. However, the venue, date, time, and other scheduling information will be provided after you reprint your JAMB slip.

The examination body will announce when the reprinting of the JAMB slip starts. Like I said earlier, this is mostly about one week before the examinations.

The 2021 JAMB UTME reprinting is expected to start from the 12th of June 2021. Reprinting ends a week later on the 19th of June 2021.

Most people are ignorant of the importance of reprinting their JAMB slip. This is one of the most important requirements you will need for the examination. 

In this article, I will tell you the importance of reprinting your JAMB slip. See below some of the reasons why reprinting your JAMB slip is very vital:

Why reprinting your JAMB slip is Important

  • The JAMB reprinted slip is important because it helps you know the venue and the date of your Examination. The slip you receive immediately after registration does not contain information about the date and venue of the Examination.
  • The Exam slip will be a pass that allows candidates into the exam hall. Invigilators will request dates into the hall. This means that you must have at least two copies of the JAMB slip; one for the invigilators and the other for yourself.
  • You can use the slip to aid yourself with calculations. This is for those who are writing subjects that require calculations. The slip is the only sheet of paper that you will be allowed to carry into the Exam hall.
  • The reprinted JAMB slip can be used as proof of registration. If you have misplaced the initial slip you received after registration, then the reprinted slip can serve as a duplicate.

Now that you know the importance of reprinting the JAMB slip, I will show you how to reprint your slip online. Follow the instruction below to reprint the JAMB slip.


How to reprint JAMB slip

They are several ways you can reprint your JAMB slip. However, in this article, I will show you the easiest way to reprint your JAMB slip. Here is how to reprint the JAMB slip through your portal.

  • Go to JAMB’s portal page for reprinting by clicking on this link here.
  • Type in any ONE of the following information: Your JAMB registration number, Mobile phone number, or your Email address.
  • Type in your JAMB portal password.
  • Login to your account.
  • You will see a button that reads ‘Reprint’. Click on the button.
  •  Proceed to print out a copy of the examination slip. You can print more than one copy for reference purposes.

Alternatively, you can make use of JAMB’s e-facility to reprint your slip. JAMB slip can also be accessed via your email inbox. To see other ways of reprinting the JAMB slip, follow this guide here.

If you have more questions about this article, please keep reading to see if the FAQs section helps your doubts.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about JAMB

How much is JAMB slip reprinting?

If you have a printer at home, this would not cost you a penny. However, you can follow the instructions I gave you above and head to a cyber café for reprinting. This should not cost you more than N100.

When should I start reprinting my JAMB slip?

The JAMB management always announces when the JAMB slips are ready. As soon as the announcements are made, you can proceed to reprint your JAMB slip. This is usually about one week before the examination commences. 

Can I write my JAMB in a venue different from the slip?

Like I said earlier, the invigilator will ask for the exam slip before allowing the candidates into the exam hall. You cannot write in a venue that is different from the one in your JAMB slip. The venue and date on your JAMB slip are your only schedule for the examination.


For more information, you can visit JAMB’s official website at jamb.gov.ng

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